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The sun is vanishing? Well, Science will save us!... Maybe next time.

Follow our protagonist and her friend into a "little" quest to save the world...

Her first mission being picking up some energy from some place Northwest... But is that all there is to it? Maybe for now.

You can get the enemies energy once they are killed and convert it into a new item too!

Lv.10 good level.

--  Game made for the Magical girl game jam #3  ---


Arrow keys to move.

Z or Enter key to select or interact with stuff.

X to cancel.

To save: Go to Pause Menu(x) and select the icon with the feather.

Special thanks to the plugin creators:

- DreamX

- Galv 



- Yanfly

- Olivia 

- Victor Engine


Also special thanks to Say13 and Dutchy for keeping me awake.

Also, big thanks to Ran d'Reille! This jam was a lot of fun. 

Feedback, Criticism, and bug report is highly appreciated since this will be the base of a much bigger project yes.

Also, pardon the grammar. English is not my native language.



Music : RPG makerMV, the good ones from Wingless seraph. Some of them made by me but there is still room for a lot of improvement! 


Art: Characters, Enemies , the snowy and tech backgrounds, and the two item pictures are made by me. Tiles and that stuff by RPGMakerMV. 


Hoy, Time to sleep.

Install instructions

>Extract the .rar file 

>Click on "Game.exe"



Magical'sEnd.rar 190 MB

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